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  The Abacus Reseller Program
Abacus Computer looks for Promoters, Agents and Wholesalers in different countries of the world. They must have marketing-competence and connections to companies and persons which are interested on Internet-Service.

The Internet-Market
The turnover of Internet-market has multiplied in the last years and will grow up rapidly in the next years. Also the high technical countries of the world with a big size of Internet-Services will more than double the requests for best services and reliable Internet-connections.
Web Hosting revenues will reach US$ 19.8 billion by 2004, up from US$ 1.4 billion in 1999 (International Data Corp. - 2000). So if you think of getting into this business, now is your chance. The most companies worldwide has no Internet-presentation at this time. The other companies will be charged a lot higher than it is necessarily and how we can offer our customers with the best class of quality.
Now we have all possibilities!
This has an easy reason:
  • Webhosting with us is much more economy than with the most other Webhosting-companies.
  • The world is on a quick moving to an international business.
  • The internet will gain importance worldwide again his speed and security.
  • You and we will derive benefit from the new possibilities and developement of Internet.

Promoter, Agent or Wholesaler
We offer three great possibilities of collaboration with us. With all you can get high and long range income. Please read and look for the best of this three possibilities for you: The
Abacus-Promoter sends only people to our website. In this link is included the promoter-code and if the visiter will place an order the Promoter will get his commission month by month. The
Abacus-Agent can start this business professional or avocational without any investment. If you have not a lot of experience about the Internet-services, this will be a really good possibillity to start. To be an
Abacus-Wholesaler requests a rate of selling, a little knowhow and a financial investment. You can change anytime from Agent to Wholesaler if your business grows up.
Check by yourself which way is the best for you! In any case you can sell all the services of Abacus if you like! But also you can pick only some of our offers.

The Abacus-Promoter
The Abacus-Promoter sends interested parties to our Website. This is easy and good with a link or a banner on your own Webpage or on any other way. You can give a hint to a friend, you can advertise in Internet or in a paper, or you can add a statement on all your emails (but no spams). We are sure you have more ideas. The Abacus-Promoter do not need any knowledge to consult his customers. Consulting, support and service - everything will be done by the team of Abacus. You will get your monthly payoff and your commission, as long as the customer is paying for our service and you are our contracted Promoter.
More Promoter-Information

The Abacus-Agent
The Abacus-Agent attract new customers, explained the different possibilities of Webhosting, makes contracts about Internet-Service and shows the function of the ordered services. The Agent can only offer the Abacus-Services with the scheduled prices of Abacus.
For this, Agent will get a commission between 5 and 20 % from our very competitive prices. The commission will be paid to our agents as long as the customer pay for our Internet-Service. It is your advantage to hold contact to your customer, for the reason if he has problems or like to make new orders. You can only get your commission as long as your customer is a really paying customer.
The Agent does not need a cent to start his business. Perhaps only some little dollars for phone-calls or advertise to get the first customers.
Abacus manages all invoices and clarifications. But the Agent can get cash from his customers also in special reasons. The customer has to contact Abacus direct with every problems and he can use the Internet to place additional orders.
An Agent has a lot of possibilities to get new orders via his customers:
  • Contact to businiss-partners of your customers.
  • Install more Internet-Service for your customers.
  • Derive the best benefit from Internet to your customers.
  • Think about new possibilities from Internet.
  • Inform your customers abount the new development on Internet-market.
The Agent works close together with Abacus. And Abacus will support and help the Agent in every possible way. Only this can secure the success for the Agent and for Abacus.
More Agent-Information

The Abacus-Wholesaler
The Wholesaler is an independent entrepreneur. Abacus has the knowhow, the equipment and the favorable wholesaler-rates.
Every other is the work of the Wholesaler: He can set his own retail-rates, he can combine different products of Abacus to make special offers and so on. He has to invoice and to charge his own customers. He must offer a support for his customers. He has to answer all the questions of his customers.
That looks like a lot of work - but for this reason are the wholesaler-rates very low. Also the Wholesaler must take care for a pretty good deposit on his wholesaler-account. On starting the activity as a Wholesaler, he need to get a wholesaler webhosting-account and pay a deposit.
The Wholesaler must have a turnover like a wholesaler within year. It is not enough to open one or two webhosting-accounts and never more. In this case we must cancel the wholesaler-contract.
To prevent the wholesaler from high expense, we offer some services for an additional charge, like direct customer-support.
More Wholesaler-Information

It is very easy to sell cheap Internet-Services
Nearly every company needs the Internet today, in any event whether a small or a big website. But nobody want to pay too much. Everyone like to get favorable prices and best quality. But not only the price is deciding! Some provider offer free webspace and other free services. After a short time the phrase becomes to the true: You can only get what you pay for! Often is the service slow and bad, there is a long time for answeres you need quickly, or there is no answer. If you read the news all the time, a lot of this companies became financial trouble.
The Abacus services are really easy to sell, we can offer all this: favorable prices, best quality and an excellent service.
The customer does not need an investment for servers and expensive leased lines. Because of the colossally economy toward other providers and the enormous need of Internet-services, Abacus-Service has products that sells by itself.

Our strength are our representatives
Abacus owes his success his representatives. This are the Promoters, Agents und Wholesalers, but also the technicians in our development department and in our support. They have the innovative ideas, The technicians try harder for a high availability, the renewal and improvement of Internet-services to fulfill all the needs of Abacus-customers.
The Abacus-team works with you together to push your marketing effort to a secure success.
So Abacus offers a great possibility for interested people to participate on one of the quickest growing industries of the world The Abacus-Internet-Service has the potencial to produce a high and continuous income with a minimum of expense.

Sign up for a Promoter, Agent or Wholesaler today and start to get an additional great income! Everybody need an favorable Internet-service all the time.
Abacus will investigate in new technologies, and you will be present with us!

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