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  The Abacus Agent Program
This program we have created for your start in the Internet-business. It gives you the possibility to offer a full package of Internet-services. Without or with a minimum of investment you can get a substantial and an ongoing income.

Services you can get from Abacus and you can offer...

On all Abacus-Services you can earn money!
And in the future we will offer more services for Internet and Telekommunication. First of all we will get Internet-Software in Spanish and German language and an email-to-fax-service with reale small rates.
All your customers will be connected to the Abacus-Network and Abacus-Technology, both on the state of the art. With our fast and reliable internet and phone services with favorable rates it is very easy to sell our services. In addition your customer will get a progressive service and support which is developed further continued.

How much money you will earn
This is depending on yourself - how much time you will spend and how much friends and businessmen you know and how clever you can enlarge your number of customers.
We will pay you a continuing commission of 10 % for all your sellings. In addition you will get up to 10 % depending from your the total monthly sellings. For dedicated servers we can pay a maximum of 5 % commission only.
This looks not so much, but it mounts up from month to month and the most customers does not change his internet-provider if they are satisfied with the service and support. More than 80% of all our customers stay with us since years, if they are advised correct. On our side we will do everything to satisfy all the customers.
Our Agent is responsible for a correct and helpful consulting and we will support them as good as possible.

If you contract a customer you need to get the information of payment.
As Abacus-Agent you have a lot of kinds of payment:
Creditcard: We charge your creditcard by order or maturity. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard.
Bank-Withdrawl: Only in Germany we are able to get payment on this way.
Transfer/Deposit: In some countries we have bank-accounts, where your customer can do transfers or deposits. This is in Germany, United States and the Dominican Republic.
Payment by Check: This payment is possible. But you can use the amount of the check first after it is credited on our bank-account. We can only accept checks in US$, German Marks and in RD$. This checks must be from a bank of that country. Other checks are only possible after request.
Wire Transfer: Your customers can pay our bills with an wire transfer to our bank-account in the United States. There is an additional charge of US$ 15,- from our bank, they have to pay in addition on each wire-transfer also.
Cash: The customer pays direct to our Agent. The Agent has to transfer this amounts as quick as possible to Abacus.
Payment of Commissions we can do by money-transfer or by check. It is also possible to redeem the commissions with cash-amounts the Agent has got from his customers.
With all this possibilities of payment we promote your work as Agent and make it easy to sell our services

Agent-Service and Reports
With Abacus you have the possibility to send all your customer-orders by Internet. So you will get a really good overlook about all changes on your customers and we can install the services very much quicker.
As Abacus-Agent are you always informed about your business with us. All customer-information are daily updated and you can get it online. This will help you if you speak with customers about his services.
As Agent you will have information about all sellings and payments of your customers. So you can find out in time if there are any trouble with a customer
This lot of information makes sure that you are allways informed about your customers.

Agent Clarification
We make a monthly clarification with an repost of your account and the accounts of your customers. So you are informed about the sellings and payments of your Clients and about your commission. In a short time we will offer this clarification online on our website.

Now you have a lot of information about the possibility to earn regular money with Abacus and the Internet, without an investment.
Do you want to subscribe as Abacus Agent now for free?
Oder möchten Sie sich erst noch über die anderen Möglichkeiten als Promoter oder Grosshändler informieren?

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