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  The Abacus Wholesaler Program
We have designed this program to give you the possibility to start or expand your internet-business with low cost and diversely services. You can make your own offers and calculate your own prices. You can combine our services with special offers of other providers, if you need. It is very easy: You buy some services from Abacus - all together or some selected - and arrange your own offer.
To get the very low wholesaler-rates you must reach a turnover like a wholesaler. That means you must have a growing turnover and after a year it must be some hundred dollars monthly. Otherwise you should decide you for an agent-contract. You can change at any time from an agent to a wholesaler if you have more customers.
For our wholesalers we have created special accounts you find below.

Wholesaler Webhosting Accounts:
First you need to get a wholsaler-account to get the possibility to order all discounted Abacus-Services. With this account you get the access to our wholesaler order-system, where you can order webhosting, dedicated servers, webpage-design, promotion-services and website-maintenance.
The Wholesaler-Account has a fee of monthly US$ 39,90 and a one-time setup US$ 100,-.
This is a full-equipped webhosting-account. You can use it for your own website, but it is not able to be sold, if this is your access to the wholesaler order-system.
The prices of the accounts are depending on the kind of the account and the total quantity of all ordered accounts by a Wholesaler. Here you get all prices of webhosting-accounts in US$:

Number of
without IP
with IP
without IP
with IP
without IP
with IP
1 - 24 7.90 10.90 13.90 16.90 6.90 8.90
25 - 49 6.90 9.90 12.90 15.90 5.90 7.90
50 - 99 6.40 9.40 12.40 15.40 5.40 7.40
100 - 299 5.90 8.90 11.90 14.90 4.90 6.90
300 - 699 5.40 8.40 11.40 14.40 4.40 6.40
Ab 700 4.90 7.90 10.90 13.90 3.90 5.90

Wholesaler Domain Registration:
You can get all the offered domain-extensions at wholesaler-prices if you have a Wholesaler-Account. The price for a domain-registration depends from the extension, the duration of registration and the total number of registered domains by a wholesaler. All prices are in US$.

Number of
com   net
info biz de
Jahre ==> 1 2 5 10 1 2 5 10 1 2 5 10 1 2 5 10
1 - 49 17 32 80 140 -- 32 80 140 -- -- -- -- 8.50 16 43 70
50 - 299 16 30 75 130 -- 30 75 130 -- -- -- -- 8.00 15 35 65
300 - 699 15 28 70 120 -- 28 70 120 -- -- -- -- 7.50 14 33 60
AB 700 14 26 65 110 -- 26 65 110 -- -- -- -- 7.00 13 30 55

Wholesaler Website-Design, Promotion and Maintenance:
Evidently we can offer all this services for our wholesalers. If we need to contact this customers direct, we do it only in the name of your company and with a neutral email-address. This can necessary for consulting or requests about the design.
Only you will get all offers and prices. So you can sell it how you like it. All our invoices we send only to you! If customer has a request about the prices, we will reffer your customer only to you or your employee.
To get an impression of our design prices, please go to design on our website and look for the design-rates. Our wholesalers will get a reduction of 10 to 20 % from this prices, according to the difficult of an order.

Please visit our special collection of dedicated Reseller-Server

Technical Customer Support
In all our offers is included a technical support for you. But you must support your own customers. This is not a problem again the preinstalled servers and easy to use administration-tools. If you like to get our support direct to your customers, so we can do it from a neutral email-address and a 24-hour-answer-warranty, 7 days a week. For this additional service we charge you with only 50 Cent for each webhosting-account you want to get this service. This support is available for each webhosting-account and for each account on your dedicated servers.

Payment and Clarification
The wholesaler has all the possibilities to pay like our customers. The kind of payment will included in our wholesaler-contract but it is changeable at any time. Every wholesaler-order is payable at the time of order. Is a payment more than 10 days overdue, we must cancel our service for all the wholesaler-accounts, servers and access to wholesaler order-system. For the reactivation of servers and accounts is a fee by hours.

As Abacus-Wholesaler you have a lot of kinds of payment:
Creditcard: We charge your creditcard by order or maturity. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Eurocard. Again our extremely sharp calculated prices, we must charge a fee of 4 % with this kind of payment.
Bank-Withdrawl: Only in Germany we are able to get payment on this way.
Transfer/Deposit: In some countries we have bank-accounts, where you can do transfers or deposits. This is Germany, United States and the Dominican Republic.
Payment by Check: This payment is possible. But you can use the amount of the check first after it is credited on our bank-account. We can only accept checks in US$, German Marks and in RD$. This checks must be from a bank of that country. Other checks are only possible after request.
Wire Transfer: You pay our bills with an wire transfer to our bank-account in the United States. There is an additional charge of US$ 10,- from our bank, you have to pay in addition on each wire-transfer also.
Wholesaler Deposit: This is the regular way of payment from Wholesalers. You pay a deposit on one of the kinds of payment and all payable amounts will reduced from your deposit. This way is most cost-saving, has a low administration effort and guarantee for a quick setup of your orders. You have the possibility to check your deposit online at any time.

Wholesaler Online Manual
We have a lot of information about the use of our services in english language. This will rapidly completed and enlarged. For our Wholesalers speaking Spanish and German will translate all the manuals part by part.

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