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  Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Callback
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How much does it cost to initiate Abacus Callback services?
There is NO initiation/setup fee, NO annual fee , NO monthly fee and NO minimum usage required. You only pay for the minutes you use.

How long does it take to get the Abacus Callback Service?
It usually takes no more than 24 hours from the time we received the client's completed application. Remember, in the case of an Advance Payment Account, you will need to send us a wire transfer, check or draft before we can activate your service.

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Do I get charged for busy, no answer or uncompleted calls?
Abacus only charges for completed calls.

When does billing start - when callback is received or when second party answers the call?
After second party answers the call.

30 second billing, or whole minute billing or 6 sec. intervals?
30 second minimum charge per call, 6 second intervals billing. This represents an extra savings of 10-15% when compared to full-minute charges.

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Do I have a time limit on calls?
Your time limit depends on your balance. You can check your balance by dialing 999 using callback. You will go into a menu system and follow the prompts...

How many different languages can you handle in customer service?
We can handle English, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Urdu, Indi, Tamil.

What is the billing period for customers?
Monthly billing period. Customers will receive via email, fax or postal their invoices with call details the first week of every month

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Detailed billing statements?
You will get a monthy bill with a summary of your service, balance and payments, and also an itemized list of calls, with Place Called, Number Called, Date, Time, Duration and Savings if Abacus has in the database the rates of the local telephone company in your region.

Rates in effect 24 hours/day, 7 days/week?
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

High Quality Digital Fiber Optic Lines?
About 90% of our carrier's network is fiber optic.

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Compatible with Facsimile & Data transmission?
Our system is compatibly with voice, fax, data, cellular, hotels, PBX, PABX, CENTEX, Key Systems, and virtually any communications environment.

No risk, cancel at any time and without any fee?
The only thing you may risk loosing is the saveing in your long distance usage.

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How do I know what my current charges are?
You may dial your access number and let it ring three times and it will get you into our administration menu. You may also dial 999 using Abacus's callback system. Once you are in the Admin Menu System, you can check your balance, change your PIN number, record greeting messages and DTMF extension numbers to use callback with hotels and PBX, you can also change your callback number if you have mobile callback. At the same time, you may order the option of "$$ Remaining" or "Minutes Remaining", where the system will play your balance or minutes left every time you dial a number (see application form).

What if in my country the local phone company blocks callback or trigger calls to USA?
Abacus has three unique solutions for this type of problems:

1. Local Dialup Access
Abacus has developed Dialup Access Switches and are currently being installed in different countries. With this method, the customer will call a local number, enter a PIN and destination number and in a few seconds the call is being connected to the destination. We use a unique and innovative Internet Singnaling Technology that will virtually eliminate the callback procedure since the initiation data is transparently sent via Internet.

2. Signaling via Web Dialog Box
We are also in a process of developing callback triggering via our Web Page. In this case we will provide you a simple dialog box on the web where you enter your Access Number and Destination Number. In a few seconds you will receive a ring in your telephone.

3. Singnaling via Email
Comming soon Abacus will have Signaling via Email. The user will simply enter in the Email Subject his/her Access Number (DID) and Destination Number separated by a comma, where the destination number is optional. In a few seconds the customer will receive the callback with the destination number ringing.

Please contact us if you are having any problems with your local provider.

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Can I use Abacus from a pay-phone?
If the pay-phone has an incoming phone number and you have a mobile callback, which can be pre- programmed to your Abacus callback account, it may be used.

Can I use Abacus from a rotary dial phone?
No, Abacus only works from touch-tone phones.

Do I actually get a physical calling card?
No, you will receive by fax or email, a welcome letter with an access number and a security pin number.

Are there any discounts for buying pre-paid minutes in bulk?
Contact us for more information regarding volume discounts.

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